Sparkling With Humor, Now Loaded With Stinging Sarcasm

Of fine physical proportions, graceful carriage, possessing a large and finely molded head, an expressive countenance, and genial smile, a voice of great compass, and lungs and throat that seem incapable of failure under the severest strain, his audience receives a favorable impression from the moment that he steps to the front of the rostrum, and utters his first sentence.

This impression is deepened by the unobstructed flow of language, his fine intonation, his graceful, yet emphatic, gestures, his vigorous sentences – now sparkling with humor, now loaded with stinging sarcasm or terrible denunciation, and now unfolding into the most splendid imagery.

He seems never to lack a word, or a smile, but the volume of his discourse flows on with such fullness, ease, and power, that one wonders it can ever stop.