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Christianity Stands on Four Pillars of Evil


But Don’t Blame Your Ministers! — Most Were Duped From the Crib and Sincerely Believe. They have swallowed a terrible story, all wrapped in a suffocating pretense of kindness, mercy and — of all things — forgiveness! There is plenty of good in the Bible and millions of fine Christians who do great good works. It is a tragedy that man had to foul it so..

1 — God Created Each of Us, Knowing Beforehand, He Would Send Most Of Us To Hell To Suffer Forever

Before the creation there was no one but God in all his changeless majesty — knowing everything possible, needing nothing, and with power to do anything. There was no sin or sorrow and no suffering for man or beast. Then God created us out of our innocent nothingness, without our consent, and entered us into the cruelest lottery possible: spending forever in a lake of fire for the many (as Jesus said) or spending forever, among the few to be saved (as Jesus said).

Almost as Evil, God Created Hitler-Stalin-Mao and such, knowing all the suffering they would cause innocents, when he could have left them uncreated. The priest-preachers who assure us that God is unknowable, then explain that it is God’s plan.

Is This Your Idea of Loving-Just-Merciful Father Who Cares for Us? Or, is it better explained as a concoction, evolving over centuries, by men who got it horribly wrong? The choice is between man or God. Men lay the sordid mess on God.

 2 — Punishing The Innocent for the Sins of the Guilty.

We saw this in Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, and still, in North Korea and other tyrannies. It was and is standard practice to visit enslavement, torture and murder on the innocent wives, children, parents and other relatives of one deemed an “enemy of state”.

Is that not exactly the same, on a moral level as imputing mortal sin to all mankind yet to be born, not for what they did, but for the disobedience of the mythical Adam and Eve?

3 — Believe, Or Suffer Forever. 

Why do you go to hell — never to die — but to suffer forever? Well, take your choice:

  • The Roman Catholic Church’s Athanasian Creed says: “Whosoever will be saved, before all things it is necessary that he hold the Catholic faith. Which faith except every one do keep whole and undefiled; without doubt he shall perish everlastingly.”
  • World population at end of 2017 is estimated at 7.6 billion of which maybe 1.2 billion are Roman Catholics. Thus, 6,400,000,000 men. women and children are to suffer forever because they do not hold the catholic faith whole and undefiled? Do you believe that for a moment?
  • In many places Jesus promised salvation for doing good deeds and not a word about requiring belief: feeding the hungry, providing shelter, visiting the imprisoned. Did Jesus mislead or was there a critical requirement he failed to state?
  • The Gospel of John Claims Jesus Said: You Must Believe to Be Saved. John quotes Jesus (some 80 to 120 years after Jesus died and some scholars say much  longer): “I am the resurrection and the life; he who believes in me, though he die, yet shall he live, and whoever lives and believes in me shall never die.”

    Being a good person and loving person is not enough.
     Without belief in Jesus — you will be damned to suffer in Hell forever!Can real love andrealbelief be extorted by such a threat? How could you even know you really believe when under such a threat-promise?

4 — Allowing an Innocent To Suffer For Your Wrongdoing.

Why would a morally honest person ever consider allowing an innocent person to suffer an agonizing death just to save himself from what he did?

We can never escape the consequences of our intended actions. The only way, even for God, to relieve your conscience would be to erase your memory. Why not be granted the vaunted forgiveness without making an innocent suffer? Wouldn’t that be kinder, more loving, and more merciful?

“If man puts his hand in the fire and God forgives him, his hand will smart just the same. You must after all, reap what you have sown. No God can give you wheat when you sow tares. And no God can give you tares when you sow wheat.” — Robert G. Ingersoll

* * * * * *

 STILL, ALL OF THIS EVIL FROM GOD MIGHT JUST BE POSSIBLE. It could be the way things are. But all civilized people in the world today, freed from fear of damnation, would see it as the work of an evil and malignant tyrant.